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The International University of Andalusia (UNIA) opens a new permanent research line on the practices and cultures emerging from the social uses of digital technologies with its project: Space-Network of Digital Practices and Cultures

In general terms, the project addresses the most significant aspects of the whole set of digital practices and cultures, of how the incorporation of the new technologies into the daily life of citizens/users is changing the forms of social interaction, and subsequently, the configuration of contemporary societies, as well as their institutions and communities.

Within this wide scope the project is intended to focus more specifically on those aspects that are priorities for higher education and ultimately, for the institutional characteristics of UNIA.

To this purpose a special task force has been set up, which will be responsible for organizing an activity programme based on an agenda of topics defined as priorities in a first stage, as well as for starting a cross-sectional academic module aimed at acquiring digital skills (digital literacy), with the purpose of feeding tools and reflections into the different graduate academic programmes and plans offered by UNIA, which due to their specialized character cannot devote a chapter to new technologies, despite of the role they play in updating and further enhancing knowledge in all fields of study.