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The Digital Practices and Cultures Space-Network project will have a mainstreaming effect on UNIA’s educational activities, since in the medium term it will help to approach graduate students in all its programmes to digital practices and cultures.

The Space-Network will be structured based on the presence of a permanent group of consultants and experts in different digital issues, which will work on enhancing it and will build networks to achieve its objectives.

The Space-Network will take cultural practices and cultures as its subject matter. This expert group it will be responsible for programming educational activities and promoting innovation processes in order to address specific aspects in this large and emerging field of study from an interdisciplinary approach.

In order to meet its objectives the project will produce and offer an annual programme of activities designed as to address more precisely the most significant issues in the field, positioning UNIA as a reference educational institution in the field of digital culture, technological innovation and media literacy.

The ultimate purpose of all these adjectives is to implement initiatives aimed at adapting UNIA’s own activities to the demands of our current digital environment, in terms of both teaching-learning and knowledge production processes promoted by UNIA, and the internal dynamics of managing human groups and educational resources and infrastructures. 

Based on all the above, the following general and long-term objectives have been established:

  • Contributing to adapt the university to the new social context in which digital technologies are changing the production, exchange and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Promoting a process of permanent adaptation to rapid and constant changes as to the participation structures operating in society.
  • Disseminating the conclusions of these reflection processes using means in line with the new e-culture but also traditional channels.
  • Linking UNIA to other projects and institutions working in the same field and if possible, establishing university collaboration networks and projects/programmes.
  • Increasing and fostering the development of digital competences and skills throughout the entire UNIA community: students, teachers and support staff.
  • Serving as a bridge between the academic community, the world of business and work, and particularly the new information and communication technologies industry, in everything related to educational innovation processes.