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The incorporation of new technologies into the daily life of citizens/users is changing the forms of social interaction, and subsequently, the configuration of contemporary societies, as well as their institutions and communities.

With regards to the adaptation of university activities to this emerging context, a truly innovative approach is not restricted just to the “integration of computers into the classroom”, but rather a whole transformation making the university permeable to the new digital practices and cultures emerging from the use and appropriation of new technologies; especially in terms of knowledge production, exchange and dissemination defining what the universities are or should be in the future: the 21st century university and the digital age university.

Such a transformation requires a careful reflection and critical analysis process. Changes in teaching methodologies and approaches, as well as the introduction of new educational tools and strategies into teaching-learning processes must focus on educating individuals to handle changing technologies, concepts and languages in order to adapt to the ongoing changes in contemporary societies.

The Digital Practices and Cultures Space-Network UNIA will study how changes in the network-society can help us to modify how people learn and teach. So, reflections on the knowledge and skills all citizens need to master in order to cope with today’s society, and in general terms, the field usually known as digital literacy will be some of the main work lines of this group.

With this project the International University of Andalusia will therefore open a permanent research line, activities and public communications on the impacts of the use of technologies on the practices and cultures of our current society and making special emphasis on those aspects of their use that are priorities for higher education and ultimately, for the institutional characteristics of UNIA.

The Digital Practices and Cultures Space-Network project is proposed as a mainstreaming action and a university work proposal with the purpose of feeding tools and reflections into all the programmes and plans offered by UNIA, which due to their specialized character cannot devote a chapter to new technologies, despite of the role they play in updating and further enhancing knowledge in all fields of study.